Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I order my prints?

     If you have not purchased one of our packages or would like to order additional prints in addition to your package, you can order directly from your gallery by selecting the Buy Photos option. You can order several different size prints, and even customize your cropping.   

    The portraits you select will be printed and mailed directly to your home.

Prepaid Package Customers

     If you selected one of our special Portrait packages,  after you make your selections simply email us with the file name/number of each selection and any retouching requests you may have.   

     If you would like to speak with us about your order you are welcome to call the studio and place your order, or make an appointment to stop by the studio and we can do it in person. 

How long will the prints take from our portrait session?

     Typically photographic prints take 10-12 business days before they are delivered to your home. If you are in need of getting a print back faster, please speak to your sales person about your timeline and we will do our best. We are able to rush delivery, but an additional charge may apply. 

     Wedding Albums may take 3-4 weeks based on time of year. We use a special lab in Florida to print our albums, but their quality is worth the wait! 


How would you define your style of Wedding photography?

     I think photographers get to caught up in words and labels for what they do, but if I had to say I am a mix between Classic and Storytelling with a dash of editorial thrown in.  

How long until we get to see our Wedding Pictures?

Typically we will have all of your wedding images loaded in an online gallery within two weeks of your Wedding day. We have been known to get excited about the images and put some up on our facebook or blog the night of or day after the 

Family Portraits

What is the best thing to wear for our family portrait?

     No one color is going to photograph better than another, so wear a color that looks good on you, and ... dress your family in it ;). 

     Selecting a color scheme for the time of year is also a very good idea. In example dressing your family in Earth tones for a fall family portrait .

     Typically you want to limit the amount of colors and patterns when your are photographing more then one person. Picking 3-4 color and repeating them throughout the group often leads to great family portraits. 

     We really recommend staying away from busy patterns for family portraits. We also have found that dressing in the same color from head to toe is very slimming, while loud and busy patterns do the opposite. (That's our nice way of saying busy patterns often make people look fat)

     Several years ago I had a Grandmother take a picture of all of outfits they were planning on wearing for their family picture laid out on a couch in the room she wanted to hang the portrait. When she sent it to me, not only was I able to help her take out the purple plaid shirt for Grandpa, but also help her pick the colors that best suited the room. If your looking for a large print for your walls, wearing colors that match the room can make a huge impact on the final product.

     When all else fails... Pintrest. There are great family portraits and clothing ideas on the internet and it is a great place for inspiration. 

What is your favorite place in Portland for Family Portraits?

Waikiki, and we have great travel rates... it was worth a shot. 

     Seriously, my favorite place to photograph a family is in their home or backyard. I think there is something special about a family portrait in your home. I didn't get it at first, but after I started shooting them I realized that the perfect place for a family picture, is where they live. The kids are more comfortable, the background is familiar. The portraits seem to hold more value through time.  It's a lot of fun. 

     If a Family picture in your home isn't for you, there are some great parks around town that are amazing! After photographing all over Portland we have found that certain places are better at each time of the year. In the early Spring we photograph at two different Rhododendron gardens, and a Tulip field. In late spring there are a few different Rose Gardens that are spectacular for photographs. Early Summer the Lavender fields are a thing of wonder and amazement. There are even a few river beaches that are fantastic. Of course in the fall we often plan around parks that have great colorful leaves. 

     We do shoot at the Oregon Coast a couple times a year. If you are interested in a shoot at the coast please call and ask to sign up on our list. The Family Photo at the Oregon Coast day always books up quickly. 

     If you don't have a place in mind, give us a call and describe what you want. Chances are we have been there, or know of a place we can shoot at. 

Is there anything I should bring to my family portrait session?

     There is nothing that you have to bring.We are happy to photograph your kids and family without props BUT if your family has any special interests bringing along those personal items will enhance the portraits. 

     Whether it is sports equipment, teddy bears, barbie dolls, or a 57 Chevy, anything that is special and unique to your family is something I want to photograph. I have photographed families on their bikes, a kid who was afraid of heights in his treehouse, 3 brothers in their uniforms at their baseball field, I even photographed a kid sitting on a very fast moving speed boat. There is nothing to wacky for us, and we'll try anything (once at least). Speaking of trying things once we no longer photograph monitor lizards over 3 feet long... and my assistant is very afraid of large spiders. (By Assistant I mean Me!)

Can our dog be in the family portrait?

     YES! Of course, we love animals of all kinds. If you plan to have your dog in your portraits please let us know ahead of time. Sometimes working with animals requires us to bring special equipment (e.g. tripods, squeaky toys, etc) and there are a few of the locations we photograph at that prohibit animals. So let us know in advance, but we are huge animal people. 

Do you offer Mini Session?

     No. We don't want you to have a mini experience. We want you to have a great experience. You didn't mini get your family ready to go, you didn't mini pick out that wardrobe. We won't mini photograph your family. We don't want to hang a mini Family Portrait on your wall. As my Grandfather taught me, anything worth doing is worth doing right. 

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