Family Portraits & Child Photography In Portland & West Linn - Photography By Kevin Paul

Family Portrait Photography

Kevin has been a family portrait photographer since 1998. He loves photographing families and understands the care and planning families put into their sessions. The most common comment after one of our sessions is, "Wow, I didn't know this could be fun!"

We know your family is the most important thing to you. We know how important portraits are. We know how important the experience is, so when you look at your family picture on your wall, you remember all the fun from that day. We take a tremendous amount of pride in our work and the service we provide for you. 

Our Family Portrait and Children's Portrait sessions are meant to be fun. Let's have a good time, get a little goofy, toss in some cuddling and really create moments of you enjoying your family, and then take photographs of that. 

Why Choose Photography By Kevin Paul?


Kevin has been photographing family portraits since 98. Thousands of families, Hundreds of thousands of kids.. We have seen just about everything, you would not even believe some of the things we have seen. They make your family look... well, normal.  

When you hire an expert family photographer you can get the advice you need to prepare for the session ahead of time, so when picture time comes, just relax and enjoy your family. 

Printed Photographs

Have you ever sat down with your parents or grandparents and gone through old family photographs. It's kind of awesome to see how we are all connected and to hear those memories. When was the last time you sat down with someone and went through your old Myspace account to look at your pictures? Have you tried to load one of those 3.5" Kodak discs lately?

Your pictures will look great on your phone. Your friends will love them on your facebook page. But when print your family photograph and hang it on the wall it is a different experience. 

The way we consume photographs digitally is constantly changing, but your printed family photographs will remain no matter what changes take place. 

Print Quality

All of our prints are crafted for us at one of the best labs in the country. We know that you want your family portraits not only to look great on the walls now, but also to look great for years to come which is why our photographs are printed on museum quality paper with specialized pigmented inks. Our lab projects color lifespan to be over 250 years.

Every file we print for you comes with custom retouching to your specifications. While retouching won't make your husband look like Brad Pitt it will remove any blemishes or random weird things that can sometimes show up in a photograph. 

Own Your Files

We offer several packages that include a full print release for your family pictures. You will be able to download your images straight from our website and save them to the method you prefer. This will let you archive your family photographs for years to come. 

Online Web Gallery

We upload every family portrait sitting we shoot to a private online gallery. You can share this gallery with your family and friends, and even like and comment on images. Being able to access your family pictures to make your selection from anywhere in the world, at any time of day, even from your phone, makes the selection process as easy as it can be. 

Choose your Location

We routinely photograph families and children at more then 20 locations around the greater Portland area.  We have special arrangements in place that allow us to photograph places that other photographers can not offer.

Of all of the places we photograph our favorite place to photograph family and children is in their home. Family pictures done in your home offer a genuine truth that a studio never can.


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