Bio-Kevin Paul Is A Professional Photographer Serving Portland - Photography By Kevin Paul

Who is Kevin Paul?

Kevin Paul is a portrait photographer who has specialized in portraits since 1997. In that time he has had the opportunity to photograph thousands of families and have his work featured in several National Publications.

Kevin would describe himself as a goofball, a klutz who trips a lot, a connoisseur of bad jokes, and generally funny looking since children seem to look at him and laugh all the time.

Kevin's clients describe him as a kind, patient person with a huge heart and an amazing knack for bringing out a moment in a photograph. 

He is currently offering Children's Portraits, Family Portraits, High School Senior Portraits, Wedding Photography, and Commercial work in the Portland Metro area. 

       "My passion for photography is rooted in the love that is shared between people, and the love people have in their purpose. A camera is a ticket into people sharing their most important and precious things, and as a photographer I see my job as being able to document that emotion and translate it into an image. There are moments that complete us as people, they are the make up of who we are. I hope as time flies by the images I create with my clients will help take them back to those moments- Kevin"


Kevin and his son Desmond

Kevin and his wife Nikki were married in 2005 and welcomed their first child Desmond in Septemember of 2016. When not taking portraits Kevin can be found spending time with his family, spoiling the two dogs, or caring for the families Salt Water Reef Tank. 

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