High School Senior Special

One Hour Session at one of our Specified Locations

Up to 3 outfit changes. 

Photograph Resized for Your Yearbook

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Outdoor Portrait in Pearl District

High School Senior Portraits

Our High School Senior Portrait Sessions are designed to create stunning images that reflect who you are. Our photographers have photographed thousands of High School Senior Pictures and have the experience to create the images that you want.  

During your phone consultation we will help you pick from one of our pre-selected locations or happily work with you to find a location of your choosing for your portrait session. 

All of our Senior Portrait Sessions are at least One hour long giving you enough time for multiple outift changes without being rushed. 

We encourage all of our High School Senior Models to bring not only a variety of outfits but we welcome them to bring anything they might want to use as a prop. From Drone Pilots to Ballet Dancers, from Saxophone Players to Football Stars we welcome it all!  

Please give us a call to find out more about how we can make your High School Senior Portrait something you will LOVE! 

High School Seniors

Few Tips for Seniors

1. If you don't know exactly where you want to do your shoot, but have an idea of what you want in your pictures call and chat with us. We have shot all over the Portland area and are happy to suggest locations. 

2. Plan on bringing several changes of clothes, yes, even if you are a guy. Bringing multiple outfits, even if we don't use them all will only help your Senior Pictures to be better. Often times Seniors bring in clothes they are unsure of and those end up being the best outfit. Another tip on clothing, try the stuff on before you come. You want to make sure it fits. If it is wrinkly, iron it. A tight fitting wrinkled shirt is not how you want to be remembered. A little bit of time before hand will make a huge difference in the quality of your portraits. 

3. Bring the stuff that reflects who you are. You're only going to get Senior Pictures once, (hopefully...) so let the session reflect who you are. If your on the Football team and really into football, let us plan your shoot around that. If your a equestrian consider having your horse in your Senior Pictures. If your a Band Geek (a term I use loving) then talk to us about incorporating your instrument.  

4. Do not worry about blemishes. We got ya covered. 

5. If you need a yearbook photo, please bring your school's specs with you. If your school is not particular don't worry to much about it, but some schools still have very strict guidelines, and if this is true of your High School we'd like to know what those are before the shoot, so we can make sure to get you what you need. 

6. Plan on having fun. Our Senior picture shoots are a lot of fun, and your senior pictures will be more fun the more fun your having. 

Senior Portraits for the Greater Portland Area High Schools Including:

Aloha, Banks, Beaverton, Central Catholic, Clackamas, Cleveland, Franklin, Glencoe, Grant , Jesuit, Lake Oswego, Lake Ridge, La Salle, Liberty, Lincoln, Madison, Milwaukie, Oregon City, Rex Putnam, St. Mary's, Southridge, Sunset  Tigard, Tualatin, West Linn, West View, Wilson, Wilsonville

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